Adult Registration Procedures

Due to new State and Federal laws, all adult volunteers (age 18 or older) for sports organizations must register with their state organization (for us, Massachusetts Youth Soccer) and complete the following steps in order to coach, assistant coach, or serve on the Board.

This process is lengthy and time consuming. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. You will not be allowed on the field without completing all the steps.

In addition, we have to review every submission from every volunteer in order for the state to process your CORI and credentials.

This link is a LENGTHY map of all the steps needed with pictures and descriptions of the full process - we strongly suggest you follow this guide as you go through the process:

  1. Register on Stack Sports with Mass Youth Soccer. Visit to start the registration process.

    Before you begin, be sure to have a current head shot (like a license or passport photo) on the device you are performing the registration from. Please no not try and use a photo with other people in it, etc. - the system is VERY specific - take out your smartphone, and take a selfie that includes just your head and shoulders against a neutral background.

  2. When registering - use your FULL LEGAL NAME.

  3. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation for your login.

  4. Use the registration info you just completed to log back into From there you are required to complete:

    1. Concussion Training Certification (approx. 30 minutes)

      1. Please be sure to download your certificate at the end of this course and keep it someplace handy. You will need to upload the PDF later in the process.

    2. Abuse Prevention Certificate (approx. 90 minutes)

      1. Please be sure to download your certificate at the end of the course and keep it someplace safe. We DO NOT need this PDF later to process your registration (we receive it automatically) but in case of a system issue, it’s important to have it on file.

    3. Safety/Additional Certification

    4. CORI Acknowledgement

      1. Please print but DO NOT SIGN.

The CORI form must be signed IN FRONT OF Mary Rogers or Kevin Williams - we will set up times to meet people to turn in their forms. You must have valid identification with you when you present your CORI form (drivers license) for us to confirm your identity.

Both courses may be stopped and started at any time, so you do not need to complete all in one sitting, but you must complete them in order for your CORI form to be processed.

We realize this is a lengthy process, but in the end it is for the safety of our kids.

We appreciate your commitment and effort in volunteering for BYSA. We cannot thank you enough.