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We are always looking for coaches, especially between the Pre-K to U8 programs. Consider volunteering - it's fun, rewarding, and you get to spend even more time with your children, doing something fun!

BYSA offers the following programs each season*:

Instructional ProGRAM:

BYSA uses the same cutoff of 8/31 as Billerica Public Schools to determine their eligibility, so your player will play with peers in their grade once they hit school age. Your child must reach this age threshold by the Fall season.

Our Instructional Program welcomes children in the following age brackets:

  • Coed Preschool - must be 3 by 8/31/2019

  • Coed Pre-Kindergarten - must be 4 by 8/31/2019

  • Coed Kindergarten - must be 5 by 8/31/2019 and enrolled in K

Intramural Program

Our Intramural Program welcomes kids in the following age brackets:

  • Grade 1/2 (U8) Boys/Girls

  • Grade 3/4/5 (U11) Boys/Girls

  • Grade 6/7/8 (U14) Co-ed

Travel Programs

Our Travel Programs place players via tryouts (held in May/June) into the following brackets to compete in the Middlesex Youth Soccer League:

  • Grade 3/4 (U10) Boys/Girls

  • Grade 5/6 (U12) Boys/Girls

  • Grade 7/8 (U14) Boys/Girls

Information Center

General Registration Information

BYSA follows a modified version of the US Soccer Birth Year mandate for grouping players.

BYSA uses August 31st as the cut off date when determining divisions - the same date Billerica Public Schools uses for grade divisions, ensuring that your player will play with their peers.

outside Camps and Clinics

* Programs run based on minimum enrollments, so not all programs will run every season.

What you'll need

One of the reasons soccer is the most popular sport in the world is it's low entry price - at it's most basic level, if you have a ball, you can play!

To fully participate in BYSA soccer, we recommend the following:

Pre-K through U8

  • Size 3 soccer ball
  • Shin Pads
  • *Sneakers 

U10 - U12

  • Size 4 soccer ball
  • Shin Pads
  • Soccer cleats

U-14 - Adult

  • Size 5 soccer ball
  • Shin Pads
  • Soccer cleats

In addition to the basics above, consider the following depending on the time of day, weather, etc.:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant
  • Post practice/game snack
  • Appropriate clothing for the conditions

BYSA provides a game kit for all players that may include a shirt, shorts, and socks, depending on the age level. See the FAQ section for more information.


*At these ages, soccer cleats are optional. and the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons recommend kids this young should not wear cleats due to undeveloped knee and ankle joints. As your player grows and progresses to full soccer cleats, an excellent alternative are soccer shoes made for artificial turf - they have smaller studs that provide excellent traction, but do not "stick in" as much, reducing the risk of twisting injuries.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

    When are games played? 

    Most games are played on Saturday, but a few games or divisions play on Sunday, due to field restrictions.

    When is practice? 

    U4-U6: Teams practice half hour before game time on Saturday.
    U8: One practice per week. Day and time chosen by coach.
    In-town U11 : One practice per week. Day and time chosen by coach.
    In-town U14 Coed: One practice per week. Day and time chosen by coach
    All in-town practices are held on the same field as games are played on (except U14 Coed). 

    U10, U12 & U14 travel teams : Practices at the VVP, twice a week. Day and time chosen by coach. 

    What do I wear? 

    No jewelry allowed, including earrings. All jewelry must be removed before play. NOTE: Earrings of any kind (including studs) are not allowed. Please be advised NOT to have ears pierced close to or during the soccer season. 

    U4-U6: Uniforms are provided for all players at the beginning of the season. This shirt is to be worn at all games. Shin guards and socks to cover them must be worn.  Sneakers are fine at this age. Long-sleeved shirts/light jackets are allowed, but team T-shirt must be worn over them. Long, lightweight pants are allowed in cooler weather. 

    U8, U11, and U14 Coed In-Town: Uniforms are provided at the beginning of the season. Shin guards and socks to cover them must be worn. Long-sleeved shirts/light jackets are allowed, but uniform must be worn over them. Long, lightweight pants are allowed in cooler weather. 

    All travel teams: Shin guards and socks to cover them are mandatory. Soccer cleats are required (no metal cleats). Players must purchase a BYSA uniform that is to be worn at all games. For ordering, contact the Equipment Coordinator. Altering the uniforms in any manner (ie. putting names on) is not allowed by BYSA . 

    What do I bring to practice/games? 

    All players should try to bring their own ball to practice (size 3 for U8, size 4 for U10, U11, and U12, size 5 for U14 and up) and should bring an appropriate amount of fluids according to weather. Shin guards must be worn along with socks to cover them. Sneakers or soccer cleats, and comfortable shirt and shorts are to be worn. Non-soccer cleats are not allowed.

    How can I register? 

    Fall registration is usually open from May-July, and Spring registration is open Nov-Feb.  The registration link/button will be prominently posted on the BYSA Home page. If you miss our registration window, you will see a link to our Waitlist. WE CANNOT PROMISE PLACEMENT IF YOU MISS REGISTRATION.

    Players must tryout for Travel programs. Tryouts are usually held May-June for the following year. Per Middlesex and State rules, players must tryout in the spring in order to play at any time in the following year. Travel is a full year commitment - once placed on a team, you will play on that team for both the Fall and Spring season.

    When will I hear from a coach? 

    As soon as possible before the start of the season. Check the website for updates. 

    Who do I contact if I have a question? 

    If you have a question, ask your child's coach. For further information, feel free to contact the appropriate person on the board. A complete list is provided under the About BYSA menu.

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