BYSA Annual Elections

Dear BYSA - elections for the following positions will be held at the Annual General Meeting to be held on or about the 3rd week of June, but no later than June 30th.

A definitive date and time will be announced later due to scheduling constraints at the Town Hall.

Members willing to stand in elections for these positions must declare their interest by midnight, May 31st by emailing Mary Rogers

Executive Secretary:

A) Records minutes of official meetings and Provides copies to the BOD.

B) Sends out notification to the BOD of upcoming dates, times and places of meetings.

C) Handles correspondence of league as so directed by the President and the BOD.

D) Maintains a master records file for each BOD and all their correspondence.

E) Maintains a master record file for all correspondence of the league.

F) Sets up individual files for coaches or members of the BYSA who have signed written complaints made against them and of members with documented concerns and/or problems.

G) Upon resignation or replacement, passes on all records including: minutes, correspondence and complaint files to the new Executive Secretary.


A) Sets dates to open and close registration per season online and paper if necessary.

B) Insures all registrants meet the requirements of Article 6 of the bylaws.

C) Works with Travel Team Director to insure all travel team players are registered and affiliated.

D) Works with Intramural Director to insure all players are registered and affiliated.

E) Works with Instructional Director to insure all players are registered and affiliated.

F) Submits to the treasurer for payment, all applicable fees due to the MYS office.

Instructional Director:

A) Set up all instructional division teams.

B) Gives to Equipment Director the number of uniforms needed for the instructional division program.

C) Gives to the In-town Fields Director the number of fields that will be needed for the instructional division program. .

D) Provides all coaches access to a copy of the age appropriate BYSA Coaching Guidelines online

E) Works with Registrar to see that every child in the program is properly registered and every coach and assistant coach is affiliated and CORI’d.

F) Appoints Instructional coaches.

G) Age groups in the instructional program will be proposed by the Instructional Director

Player Development Director:

A) Chairs the Tryout Committee

B) Provides all coaches (travel, intramural, instructional)

1. Age appropriate training guides. These materials are to be distributed at mandatory training sessions.

2. Provide curriculum of practice/training sessions for each age group on a set for all in town programs.

C) Sets and creates format for tryouts. Dates are to be presented by the April Board Meeting allowing enough time for notification for the membership.

D) Works with the Coaching Director to ensure that what the coaches are learning are in line with the curriculum for the players.

E) Informs the membership of external camp and training opportunities throughout the year.

F) Provides off season (winter) training sessions to be run by BYSA.

G) Revises the curriculum in the Coaching Handbooks.

H) Maintains a curriculum of all off season workout plans.

Travel Fields Director:

A) Requests from the recreation commission the number of fields needed to run the program.

B) Acquires field permits for all BYSA required fields.

C) Assigns fields for scrimmages.

D) Sets practice schedules for travel teams.

E) Coordinates travel game times with the Middlesex League.

F) Reschedules travel games as needed

G) Lays out Travel fields prior to the start of the season.

H) Insures all fields are properly lined each week during the season.

I) Insures all fields have been properly secured at the end of each day during the season.

J) Insures there are enough nets, corner flags, and goal posts for all fields requested. If not, gives to equipment manager a list of items needed.

L) Insures that nets and corner flags are put up at the beginning of the day and taken down at the end of the day for scheduled games.

M) Coordinates field clean up days as needed

Referee Director:

A) Referees:

1. Travel team referees will be governed by the bylaws of the participating league.

2. The Referee Director will assign Intramural Program referees.

3. The Instructional Program does not require referee.

B) Receives from the Travel Team Director and Intramural Director schedules of games to be played during the season and assigns referees and linesmen (when necessary) to those games for which he/she is responsible.

C) Notifies referees of any changes in schedules or game cancellations that he has knowledge of.

D) Insures that all referees:

1. Be an active member of BYSA.

2. Hold a grade 8 or higher referee license for travel games.

3. Have no conflicting interests

E) Insures all referees are affiliated and that certification is current.

F) Must provide to Registrar a list off all referees over 18 years of age that must be CORI.

G) Must be certified as a Certified USSF assignor.

H) Provides information on referee certification and recertification classes being held in the state for referees and potential referees.

I) Tracks referee assignments and provide the information to the Treasurer for referee payments

Voting Membership

A) To be a voting member in BYSA you must currently be 18 years of age or older and a:

1. BYSA Board member

2. BYSA Coach

3. BYSA Assistant Board member or other non-voting advisory position

4. BYSA Assistant Coach

5. BYSA Referee

Each voting member may only vote once regardless of the number of eligible positions the voting member holds. All voting members must have their position designated in the organization website and have been CORI’d.