Board Positions Available

The following Board of Director positions are available. Positions are available to any resident of Billerica over the age of 18.

To be considered for a position, please forward your interest and qualifications for the desired position to Kevin Williams, Chair, Nominating Sub-Committee ASAP.

BYSA is a volunteer organization - if these positions are not filled in a timely manner, your child may not have a soccer program to participate in, so please, if you can spare some of your valuable time for the youth of Billerica, please consider helping out with one of the following positions:

Intramural Director:  
A) Organizes all intramural teams and games.
B) Gives to the Equipment Manager the number of uniforms and equipment bags
C) Gives to the In-Town Fields Director the number of fields that will be needed for the intramural program.
D) Gives to the Referee Director the schedule of games, teams, and coaches’ names in the intramural program.
E) Provides all coaches access to a copy of the age appropriate BYSA Coaching Guidelines online.
F) Works with Registrar to see that every child in the program is properly registered and every coach and assistant coach is affiliated and CORI’d.
G) Appoints Intramural coaches
H) Age groups in the intramural program will be determined by the Intramural Director
I) Provides list of coaches not returning to the Equipment Director in order to collect equipment

In-town Fields Director
A) Assigns the fields to the Instructional and Intramural Directors.
B) Sets practice schedules for Intramural teams
C) Lays out In-Town fields prior to the start of the season.
D) Insures all fields are properly lined each week during the season.
E) Insures all fields have been properly secured at the end of each day during the season.
F) Insures there are enough nets and goal posts for all fields requested. If not, gives to Equipment Director a list of items needed.
G) Contacts vendor to install and remove portable toilets at the start and end of every season for all fields (Travel and In-Town)
H) Recruits parking volunteers as needed
I) Coordinates field clean up days as needed

Equipment Director:
A) Provides the following per season:
    1. Uniforms as needed.
    2. Balls & bags as needed.
    3. First aid kits as needed.
    4. Nets, corner flags & goal posts as needed.
B) Orders whatever equipment and uniforms that are necessary to keep the program running.
C) Maintains a general inventory of all BYSA equipment and lists the storage facilities where such equipment is secured.
D) Submits all uniform and equipment purchases to the BOD if the order costs is within 5% of the previous year order.  If not, the Budget Committee must approve prior the order.
E) Collects all equipment from the intramural and travel coaches at end of spring season
F) Contacts coaches that are no longer assigned to teams and reclaims BYSA’s equipment. 
G) Selects BYSA merchandise for online store and communicates sale dates to the Communications Director
H) Orders and distributes BYSA merchandise purchased from the online store

Fundraiser Director:
A) Recommends methods of raising money for the BYSA.
B) Chairs all committees that are involved in fundraising which may consist of, but is not limited to, sponsorships, concession stands, raffles, league functions, etc.
C) Informs the Treasurer when to be available when large amounts of money is involved.
D) Organizes annual photo session.
E) Researches available Grants and organizes the application process. 
F) Coordinates volunteers for Fundraising activities
If a tournament will be run by BYSA:
A) Completes and files an application to host a tournament or games with the state office
B) Completes and files a tournament or game hosting agreement with supporting documents and information with the state office.
C) Determines and submits rules for the tournament games with the state office.
D) Sets fees for tournaments.
E) Appoints and oversees committees to handle all aspects of tournaments.
F) Files a tournament report with the state office, after the tournament
G) Provides a list of items to be purchased to the equipment director and the Treasurer (i.e.: shirts, trophies, etc.)
H) Coordinates and recruits volunteers to run the tournament

Referee Director:
A) Referees:
    1. Travel team referees will be governed by the bylaws of the participating league.
    2. The Referee Director will assign Intramural Program referees.
    3. The Instructional Program does not require referee.
B) Receives from the Travel Team Director and Intramural Director schedules of games to be played during the season and assigns referees and linesmen (when necessary) to those games for which he/she is responsible.
C) Notifies referees of any changes in schedules or game cancellations that he has knowledge of.
D) Insures that all referees:
    1. Be an active member of BYSA.
    2. Hold a grade 8 or higher referee license for travel games.
    3. Have no conflicting interests
E) Insures all referees are affiliated and that certification is current.
F) Must provide to Registrar a list off all referees over 18 years of age that must be CORI.
G) Must be certified as a Certified USSF assignor.
H) Provides information on referee certification and recertification classes being held in the state for referees and potential referees.
I) Tracks referee assignments and provide the information to the Treasurer for referee payments