Annual Meeting Back to Weds June 20th

We are sorry about all this confusion, but with renovations at the Town Hall, and a large meeting about the High School scheduled, we were bumped last minute from our assinged room. We were able to talk to the right people at Town Hall, and explained the issues with moving the date, and how it would violate our bylaws to delay the Annual Meeting from it's posted date, and they were nice enough to accommodate us in a room that is not usually used for community meetings.

So - the Annual Meeting will be held on Weds, June 20th, as originally posted, from 7-8:30pm. The location will be the Cafeteria of the Town Hall, located on the lower level. The easiest access to that room is via the right side of the building, down the ramp.

Please be prepared for the fact that the parking will be limited due to the High School meetings taking up the rest of the space in the Town Hall. They expect a heavy turnout.