Important Uniform Info for 2017/2018 Travel Players

2017/2018 Travel Players,

Now that the first week of tryouts has completed, here is an overview of the travel uniform purchase process:

New Travel Players must purchase an entire travel uniform, consisting of two jerseys (White and Green), one pair of shorts, and one pair of socks.

For Returning Travel Players, the jerseys are the same as last year so you only need to order replacements for any pieces you have outgrown, lost, or otherwise destroyed.

This year, all orders and payment will be performed on our website ( under the Store section.  Each item placed in the cart requests the player name, which will be used for number assignments and distribution of the uniform through coaches at the start of the fall season.

The store is currently open and will remain at current prices through June 15, at which point our bulk order will be placed and prices after that point will incur an increase due to limited quantities being available over the summer months.  The sizing uniforms will again be available at the second week of tryouts (June 12-14).

This spring, there are also items available on the website for cooler and wetter weather, including a green jacket, a green adult hoodie, and a dark gray youth hoodie.  Please spread the green around town and help out BYSA while you're at it. These items will only be available through the June 15 date because they are special order items.

Orders will be received around mid-August and distributed through the players' coaches prior to their first game.

Because orders are due prior to teams being selected and announced, we strongly request that parents order uniforms in case their child is selected to a team and, if he/she is not selected, the purchase will be refunded to your credit card.

Numbers for new players are assigned by BYSA.  All returning travel players generally keep their pre-existing number, except for cases where a conflict is identified.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this process.  Please send any additional inquiries to Matt Mitchell (