BYSA has a new website!

BYSA is excited to announce that we are launching a new website!  The site should be live in the next couple days so keep an eye out.  The link for the new website is and here is what you can expect with the new site:

BYSA New Site Features

  • Responsive design - works equally well on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Info grouped by audience - parents/players. coaches, visitors
  • Links back to SportsManager for specific functions for parents, coaches, administrators
  • Tied to our social media sites (Facebook, new Twitter account @BillericaBYSA)
  • Clean, uncluttered look
  • More information for parents - Soccer 101, concussion info, health and wellness
  • More information for coaches - coaching course links, health and wellness, training resources
  • Online Store! Checkout right online with credit/debit and Apple Pay

We are hoping this is a more user friendly site for everyone!  We would also like your feedback as this is ultimately for you so please take some time to navigate around the site and get back to us with your comments etc.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us!

We would also like to recognize our new Webmaster Kevin Williams who as a BYSA member donated his time and expertise in making this possible!  Thank you Kevin!

BYSA Board of Directors